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Why Resunate?

How the World Works

When you submit a resume to an employer, things happen that you may not be aware of - until now!
  • First, a parsing software extracts info from your resume and maps it to the employer’s database, called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Using that info, the system (such as this one) automatically assigns you a score based on how well you match the job the employer is trying to fill.
  • All candidates get ranked and sorted with only the top scoring candidate resumes getting viewed and called for interviews.
It’s just like searching for something on Google. In the ATS, your resume is like a website that may be all the way back on page 13 of the employer’s search results. Don't be like the estimated 72% of resumes that NEVER get seen by human eyes.

Read more in this LifeHacker article.
Resunate optimizer

What Resunate Does for You

Before Resunate there was no way to know how your resume was going to score in an employer ATS. Now, using Resunate, you can figure out how your resume will score for every job, and use different features to improve your score.

Simply by copy-pasting a job description, Resunate uses advanced semantic matching technology to assign your resume a score very similar to the one most employers use. You can edit, add or remove stuff from your resume to see your score update in real-time.

Resunate even has a one-click “Auto Focus” functionality that automatically picks the parts of your resume that match the best against the job and arranges them into a resume that maximizes your interview chances.

Does this Really Work?

In a recent study, we took the applicant pool of real employers and tested their resumes before and after using Resunate. By simply using Resunate’s “Auto Focus” feature, the resumes created with Resunate were 2X more likely to be called for an interview.

Yes, Resunate can double your interview chances!

Here is the before and after resume of a candidate from the blind study, applying for a Quality Assurance Engineer position. The transformation literally took a few seconds. The former got rejected, the latter got an interview.
You score high
The resume I focused with resunate landed me 3 job interviews since I changed it, including 2 at a company that the ATS system previously screened me out.
Nancy Rynd
Resunate user

Neat, right! But what if you are applying to a small company or non-profit that doesn’t have a sophisticated applicant tracking system?

Making a good focused resume for a job is not just to get you past automated systems, but to help show you in the best light to anyone reviewing your resume - by machine or eye.
The candidate submitted her original resume, but then went into Resunate, using our widget, to create a resume screened against the job description. The resulting resume was significantly more tailored. It was like a different candidate.
Lynda Zugec
marketing director of The Workforce Consultants