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Land A Dream Job

As soon as I started using Resunate to fine-tune my resume to the job descriptions, I started getting calls almost immediately after I applied for them. I've received two offers, but feel so confident now that I'm really going for my dream job... I tell everyone now that they don't have to stay stuck in a job they don't love. They just need to [use] Resunate!
I had been trying to find not only a new job, but a new career path. I was having trouble identifying and organizing my transferable skills on my own. Resunate helped me do that, and I ended up landing a dream job so close to my house that I can ride my bike to work and have time to go home for lunch and play with my dogs.

Beat out the competition

Resunate helped me get my current job over 12 other candidates… Thanks Resunate!
Resunate user

Increase interview chances

Prior to using Resunate, I was achieving a 17% resumes sent-to-interviews received ratio, but after sending each resume through Resunate - I was able to increase it to 41% in a matter of a week. This means I basically got two more interviews for every ten I sent out.

Pass through employer screening software

Resunate has helped me greatly to get my resume passed the automated sorting software and scored me already 3 interviews with actual hiring managers.
I submitted two resumes for the same job - one my own and one with Resunate. The latter got me that interview!

Build a resume from scratch

Resunate is freaking awesome. I built my resume out of scratch and it helped me get my first job.

Convert a CV to an American resume

Thanks to Resunate, I got my first internship in [the] USA! As an international student, it was tough to understand what recruiters look for on a resume. But Resunate helped me convert my IT resume into a resume that [a] recruiter from consumer marketing would be looking for!

Organize a job search

Resunate helped me organize and plan my job search. Thanks!

Excel in the interview

I had a phone interview yesterday and used the [personalized interview] tips to talk about my strengths. I don't always know what to say about myself, but [they] gave me some talking points - pretty cool, especially because I got a call back yesterday!