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Resunate is the first tool to apply semantic technology to automatically create job specific resumes.

Semantic Intelligence™

Sophisticated matching services on the market use career path models or hierarchies of occupations/job titles to determine a resume-job match. The downside of this is that it normally takes time to process a match, provides only a single simplistic score, may not be easily configurable with other match dimensions, and when used for job recommendations, tends to limit results to those with similar job titles.

Careerimp’s Semantic Intelligence™ technology semantically analyses the sentences in a resume and job description i.e. it determines meaning (not just keywords) from the content in a resume and job description based on the way words are clustered and their context. Then, it assigns weightage to different parts of the resume and job description. e.g. education, experience and qualifications to statistically determine how relevant a resume is to a job or vice versa.

This technology provides a match score for each sentence of the resume and shows the impact of your edits on the match score as you type, providing content suggestions and edits through Resunate. This helps job seekers pinpoint which aspects of their resume need improvement, and helps employers identify any key skills missing from a candidate’s background.

Resunate further uses patent-pending mechanisms to automate selection and organization of content in a resume to improve the match score. In providing job recommendation, such as on ApplyApp.ly, the Semantic Intelligence™ technology offers a wider set of recommended jobs not overly filtered by traditional job titles.